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Technical requirements for electronic layouts

  1. Materials are accepted:
    • on DVDs, CD-disks Mac/PC;
    • On external flash-devices of advertiser Mac/PC.
  2. The layout should be made strictly the size of the declared advertisement.
  3. The Electronic layout of a format 2/1 (page spread) should be given in the form of a two-page document of an edging format of the edition.
  4. If the composition of advertising layout contains any elements standing through, pre-edging format of a page makes an edging format of a page + 5 mm from each side.
  5. Is not recommended to have the text information and trade marks more than 5 mm closer to the edge of the edging format in a composition of advertising layout .
  6. The disc-carrier should contain all files (EPS binary, TIFF), used in the final document. Supported formats of files (by way of preference): QuarkXPress 4.1 Mac, EPS binary (except for QuarkXPress EPS), TIFF, Adobe Illustrator (v 3.0 - 8.x). In vector files all fonts should be transferred in curves. B files of format EPS binary should be presented in color models: CMYK, grayscale, bitmap. Use of format JPEG should be stipulated separately. All TIFF files should be presented in color models: CMYK, grayscale, bitmap. All pixel files should have the resolution not less than 250 dpi with the increase in 100 %, bitmap - not less than 800 dpi. Note: the Colour separation profile when you use Photoshop: Eurostandart Coated, Dot Gain - 26 %, Separation Type - GCR, Black Generation - medium, Black Ink Limit - 90 %, Total Ink Limit-320 %, UCA Amount - 75 %.
  7. The disc-carrier should contain all fonts in format PostScript ype1 Mac (bitmap + PostScript), used in the document. Use of fonts in formats Trueype and PostScript Type 3 is inadmissible.
  8. In the layouts in format QuarkXPress all raster illustrations (except for EPS with Clipping Path) should be placed in opaque white windows.
  9. Advertisment layouts, imposed on IBM PC in programs QuarkXPress and CorelDraw are not accepted.
  10. Presence of control file print of the layout on the paper is obligatory. Listing should correspond completely to the layout presented on the disc-carrier of the customer. The x-copy of the layout file print is not accepted as control file print.
  11. The publisher guarantees an adequate colour rendition and observance of the Trapping parameters on the condition of producing an analog color proof on the Publisher's equipment.
  12. The publishing house reserves the right to make additions to technical requirements of advertising layout reception.


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