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The full name: " Oborudovanoje: market, offer, prices "
The editor-in-chief: Kirichenko Irina Alekseevna
Year of: 1996
The publisher: Joint-Stock Company " Magazine the Oborudovanoje "
Format: 4 (210297)
Chromaticity: full-color
Periodicity: once a month
Volume: 96-128 pages
Circulation: 15 000 copies
Subscription index in all catalogues: 47336 (semi-annual), 47337 (annual)
Distribution: Moscow, Russia, the CIS, the Baltics (by subscription, target express delivery, in business centers, at exhibitions, at specialized conferences and seminars)

Portrait of the reader

The audience research of "Oborudovanije" shows, that our materials are interesting to enterprises of any scale - from the industrial giant up to the small service center.

Our readers
  • Manufacturers, buyers and suppliers of the equipment,
  • Potential investors
  • ,
  • Banks, leasing companies,
  • Auditor and consulting firms,
  • All those who analyze a current state and prospects of development of a the industrial sector of the Russian economy, makes strategic business development decisions.

Generally speaking, our magazine is read by people who make the decision irrespective of the scale of their enterprises.

Geography of distribution to federal districts

Judging by the structure of distribution of magazine " Oborudovanije " it is possible to study the geography of Russian regions attractive for investors. There, where business is most active, our magazine is mostly demanded. It means, that our magazine is read by people who search for spheres of profitable money investment.

Generally speaking, our magazine is read by people who make the decision irrespective of the scale of their enterprises

"Hot" themes

Addresses of dispatch of magazine " Oborudovanije " specify the themes that are mostly demanded by the industry today: metal working; tools; woodworking; climatic, hoisting-and-transport, welding, pump, compressor equipment; store fixtures and warehouse logistics; processing of polymers; electric power industry; waste management; secondary market of the equipment, leasing and investment companies; banks; exhibitions. Reader's demand has determined the thematic structure of our magazine.

Analysis of the industrial economy is our competitive advantage!

The thematic structure of magazine is based on a principle

" It is necessary for each enterprise "

The first section of the magazine is the section "Industrial economy" that includes the following constant rubrics:

  • News
  • Exhibitions: results, chronicle, announcements
  • Indicators of the market
  • World experience
  • Management of economy
  • Technical regulation
  • Leasing
  • Actual topic*
  • A report from an enterprise*
  • Expert's opinion*
* new rubrics of the magazine, opened in 2007.

The section "Industrial production" is completed of such kinds of equipment, outfit and tools which no industrial enterprise can do without:

  • Metal working
  • Processing of polymers
  • Woodworking
  • Electro-technical equipment and products
  • Compressor, pump and pneumo-technical equipment
  • Welding manufacture
  • Processing of surfaces
  • Store fixtures and
  • The climatic equipment
  • Management of industrial wastes
  • .

The final chord of each issue is the price-list of offers of industrial equipment and services.

During 11 years of work the unique base of the prices for the equipment for various branches has been created.



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